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32 Points are to be distributed among SPECIAL, A skill must be at least 1. You can spend 3 Free Points for 1 SPECIAL Point.

When creating a character you have 4 free points. These points can be used on any Talents, Skills, or Knowledges. They can also be used to obtain merits. It takes 3 free points to boost any SPECIAL stat by 1. More free points can be obtained by taking on flaws.

Strength -
Perception -
Endurance -
Charisma -
Intelligence -
Agility -
Luck -

Flaws & Merits

You can only have 6 Merits and Flaws Total. (3 Merits, 3 Flaws: 0 Merits, 6 Flaws, etc.)



Talent, Skill, & Knowledge

For Talent, Skill and Knowledge pick a primary (12 Points), secondary (10 Points), and tertiary (8 points). No single skill can start above 5.




Character Template

Once your done understanding the stats above, go to the Character Template to finalize and send for full character development.

Mech Stats

The Mechs themselves have stats in which can be altered slightly before battle, however they can be slightly modified.


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