Tag: NPC


  • Ara Lene

    Age: 27 Likes: * The smell of fuel in the morning * Her pet Lil' Skipper, * Maintaining her tools, * Feeding the crew their breakfast Dislikes: * People tampering her mechs * Obscenely loud and bitchy customers * Dogs Ara had grown up in …

  • Polina Usmani

    Age: 20 Likes: * Parties * Drinking * Bar Fights * Lounging about * Fixing Damaged Mechs Dislikes: * Work in general * Stingy people and their rules * Hangovers * Boring people Polina's upbringings

  • Lil’ Skipper

    [[:ara-lene | Ara's]] companion robot that she made out of the scrap in which she took from what was left of her father's mech shop before the initial raids done by the Basilisk Corporation. His programming core was coded to be the behavior that of a cat. …