Lil’ Skipper

Ara's little Robot Companion



Strength – 1
Perception – 10
Endurance – 1
Charisma – 3
Intelligence – 10
Agility – 2
Luck – 3


Ara’s companion robot that she made out of the scrap in which she took from what was left of her father’s mech shop before the initial raids done by the Basilisk Corporation. His programming core was coded to be the behavior that of a cat. Being the party’s not-so-furry friend as he climbs upon the party to enjoy a nap upon shoulders and heads. Though he doesn’t seem like much help, he can hardwired into mainframes and systems on Ara’s command, allowing overrides upon low and medium security systems. Ara can also remotely command this little one from a safe distance to help in infiltration missions.

Lil’ Skipper

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