Ara Lene

The team's Heavy Mech mechanic



Strength – 3
Perception – 8
Endurance – 3
Charisma – 4
Intelligence – 8
Agility – 3
Luck – 3

Flaws [+ 5bp]

  • Hard of Hearing (1 pt)
  • Functional Multiple Personalities (3 pt)
  • Short Fuse (2 pt)

Merits [- 4bp]

Talents 10

Alertness -
Animal Handling -
Athletics -
Awareness -
Empathy -
Expression -
Intimidation – 5 (Veiled Threats, Righteous Vengeance)
Leadership -
Streetwise -
Subterfuge – 5 (Easily Underestimated)
Survival -

Skills 8

Brawl -
Bow & Arrow -
Etiquette –
Larceny -
Martial Arts – 5 (Snake Style, Tiger Style Leg Sweeps)
Melee –
Performance –
Piloting –
Stealth -
Torture – 3 (Psychological)

Knowledges 12 + 2

Academics -
Alchemy -
Crafts – 5 (Robotics and Mechs)
Finance -
Investigation -
Law -
Machinery – 5 (Repairs, Dismantling)
Medicine –
Science –
Technology – 4 (Improvised Solutions)


Age: 27

  • The smell of fuel in the morning
  • Her pet Lil’ Skipper,
  • Maintaining her tools,
  • Feeding the crew their breakfast
  • People tampering her mechs
  • Obscenely loud and bitchy customers
  • Dogs

Ara had grown up in her home town called Gurota, in the country Dowei. Due to the lake of agriculture and vegetation of the surround area, the town had been composed mainly of mech repairs and machine shops. Ara and her brother, Hasso, born into a family in which their mother passed due to illness, causing Ara to take the role of a motherly figure for her baby brother, cooking for the family as her father worked vigorously to maintain the finances. Eventually she became interested in her father’s business she decided to visit him one day at his shop. There upon she caught the sight of her first mech. It was nothign more than a Grade C but she was estatic, her father wished for them not to start early, but as the work piled up, he allowed Ara to work on Cat 1-2 mechs as due to their small design and for her being so young.
Growing older, she found the smaller mechs to be mundane and too easy of a challenge, as compare to larger mechs which she could work on longer and vigorously be engrossed upon the machinery, diving to and fro into the limbs.
Due to the popularity, the companies took interest in securing a few of the mechanics for repairs and upgrades. In X119 kidnappings started to occur until a year later when a full on raid to take any mechanic they could had disrupted the town, Ara and Hasso had been sheltered away by their father as he went to retaliate, losing his life in the process. Much of the town was either killed or captured, Ara and Hassan were among the few survivors. Frightened and now without guidance, Ara had decided to take her baby brother away from the ruins and looked fora new home
Ara and her younger brother eventually made their living off within the safety of Dewei’s capital city as a mechanic. Her skills were known by many as to be great in repairing and modifying many of the machinery she touched to the point that the town’s folk would say that they were more than just tools, but extensions of the body. As good of a mechanic that she was, due to the destruction and the loss of her home from the Basilisk Corporation, she once only worked on freighters and large mining machinery, refusing any mech pilots who came out in search of her modifications.
Around the first days of the Garden month in X130, a customer came with a mech and demanded she would modify it. Her denial to work on the mech, customer motions the pilot to begin threatening her life, his mech loaded with machine guns at the ready. Panic ensued through Ara, but at that moment, the fear instantly showed her devilish side. Her memories of the attack coming freshly to her memories.
Upon this she did not collapse, nor did she attack, but replied with a uncontrollable grin then the activation of her personal defenses, an EMP system she had been working on for such occasion. The pilot’s mech crumbled under its weight, forcibly ejecting the pilot out and colliding into the ceiling, knocking him unconscious. The pilot who was very much ready to gun her down had been left flat on her floors on the flick of a switch. The customer fled carrying his companion and leaving the mech’s fate of the mechanic.
She thus begun to dismantled the mech for its parts when she looked into the circuitry and instantly her passion for mechs reemerged, she thus began to work openly on mechs, building up her skills, gaining more fame in the process, the C.E.F. recruiter caught wind of her work and sought her out for her skils. Humbly, she accepted as for the security of her younger brother was in safe hands with the Epoden government.

Ara Lene

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