Welcome to Cordelica, the world in which Mech-Tech reigns supreme!
The continent Mior, this is where the party starts off starts delving into the chaos of the first Mech Wars. The nations of Mior all fell into chaos as several private companies built their own armies, usurping the governments, destroying the land, and dividing the land under their rule. You and your party as a group of refugees from the fallout of a battle that occurred within your home town, effectively leveling the entire area. Collectively, the party each learned to pilot mechs individually.
The the government of Epoden wished to subdue the companies, they gathered the continent’s best pilots and crew, each given a compensation for their work, only recieving rhe note: “Rendezvous at Rockside Port on the 1st day of the Scorch Month, X137.” The call for the best to fight off the companies, the party goes to goals set in mind, you wish to restore the peace to the Continent.

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Cordelica Campaign